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Franchise Opportunities with Martlet Hospitality

Martlet Hospitalityis a perfect low-cost, franchise business designed for those who are seeking a great investment opportunity that also allows you to make a difference while being passionate about what you do.

Martlet Hospitality with its international network of institutes offers undergraduate, Diploma & Certificate programs in Hotel Management, Business Management,Retail Operations & Aviation Management.

Martlet Hospitality is a chain of ‘Owned’ as well as ‘Franchised’ institutes.

Martlet Hospitality is a process driven an international organization that is geared-up to help people driven businesses across the nation to perform better. Our international academic alliances coupled with our focus on high-quality international level trainings will help students to become efficient, multi-skilled and well-trained professionals.

The Salient features of the agreement between Martlet Hospitality and Franchise will be as follows:

Martlet Hospitality will contribute with all the following:

  • Will lend its brand to be used for the period mentioned in the agreement.
  • Intellectual property required to set up and manage the institute, i.e., curriculum, recruitment and training, certification etc.
  • Will suggest specific international standardized designs and equipments required for effective delivery of the programs.
  • Will assist students in international and domestic Training and placements.

The Franchisee is expected to:

  • Make necessary capital and operational expenses.
  • Set up the institute strictly in accordance with the design policies of Martlet Hospitality.
  • Adhere to other general guidelines as specified by Martlet Hospitality.
  • Conduct recruitment of necessary staff as specified by Martlet Hospitality.
  • Incur local advertising/marketing costs as agreed with Martlet Hospitality.
  • The agreement is on a revenue sharing model.


  • Land & Building:
  • 2,000 to 4,000 Sq. ft. of Carpet Area
  • Capital Costs:
  • 3,000,000 5,000,000 Will depend on the current condition of the premises.
  • (if agreement is revenue share basis no fee will be taken)
  • 500,000 Brand Fee (if agreement is non-revenue share basis) to covers the costs of international affiliations and initial set ups.
  • To download the application form, click here.

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